How long will an installation take?

Dependent on the size of the installation a full home will take approximately one day to complete and one day to uninstall.

How is furniture chosen?

Red Chair determines the use of furniture, accessories and colour co-ordination within the home

How long will it take to stage my home after an agreement has been signed ?

Generally a home can be staged within five working days of agreement being signed and uninstalled with five days.

Can we to continue to hire past the original date ?

Once staged the hire can continue past the original date of 28 days onto continuous 14 day hire.

Can the staged furniture be purchased ?

Most furniture and accessories within a staged property can be purchased.

What requirements are there for staging my home ?

The property must be clean and remain vermin free for the staging process.

Does Red Chair insure the installation process ?

Red Chair insures the installation within your home providing the property is secured.

How is Red Chair different to other staging alternatives ?

Red Chair offers a more practical, shorter contract period and owns its furniture and accessories rather than hiring from other facilities.

Where does Red Chair operate ?

Red Chair operates from Hamilton to the Far North.

Is Red Chair available in commercial and retail sectors ?

Red Chair similarly operates in the commercial and retail sector offering services to conferences, meetings and product launches.

Like to know more?

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